1889 Quadrant ‘No 17’ Dwarf Safety Roadster

with Quadrant’s patent Suspension Saddle Spring

Lamplugh & Brown ‘Long Distance’ saddle 

Sprung steering head

Lever operated Rear spoon brake

22″ Frame. 30″ Front Wheel. 26″ Rear Wheel. Solid tyres

The Quadrant Tricycle Co was one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the early days of cycling, introducing many innovations in bicycles and tricycles. The ‘Dwarf Safety’ featured here was their basic crossframe model that was developed into various forms of spring frame over the following three years. This example features their famous suspension saddle spring …as well as a sprung steering head and rear brake. You can see these features in the short video below.
This rare safety bicycle was sympathetically conserved many years ago, before I bought it from a friend who lives in France. I sold it in December, 2022 when a friend delivered a 1924 Hendee Indian bicycle I’d sold for him. I was not advertising it for sale, but he spotted it in my garage and would not go home until I’d agreed to sell it to him.