1903 Royal Sunbeam for Gentlemen

Ten years ago I saw a 1903 Ladies Sunbeam on ebay and managed to get the phone number of the seller. His name was Ben. As well as buying that, I bought most of his collection, including a 1903 Gents’ Sunbeam, which had been languishing in his lounge for ten years partially restored.

Tony Child got it on the road for me, and I rode it at Benson in July 2011. After Benson, I sold it to a collector in Switzerland, along with all the original accessories I’d fitted to it – Sunbeam pump, Martin Silent cigarette pouch, holster, Lucas lamp and front carrier. Ben and I became good friends and he taught me a lot about vintage bicycles.

EAST SUSSEX GROUP, BENSON LINE UP: Me, Corin, Baz, Fabian, Julian, Ian.

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