1907 Dursley Pedersen Cantilever Standard

1907 Dursley Pedersen Cantilever Standard

Pedersen Frictionless 3-Speed Gear

Frame No 4615/5. Gentlemen’s Size 5 with 28″ Wheels

Lea Francis aluminium pedals

New Departure bell; front carrier rack; Veeder cyclometer

In recent years, the Dursley Pedersen bicycle has been elevated to iconic status. Good examples are now hard to find …and prices have appreciated beyond the budget of the casual vintage rider and collector. Although some enthusiasts may complain, this situation is, of course, an accurate reflection of their original position in the bicycle market …because 100 years ago they were also beyond the budget of all but the richest cyclists.
This fine example came from a collection in the north of England and is now owned by a friend who is an architect.