1908 – 1910 Monopole Model Royal

1908 – 1910 Monopole Model Royal

with Biflex front forks & rear stays

and Concealed Rollr Lever Brakes

26” Frame. 28″ Wheels

Not much is known about Monopole Cycle Co, but they were obviously quite active in the late 1890s, and were one of the companies that build Pedersen bicycles, which they exhibited in 1897 at the Stanley and National cycle shows. Like many British cycle companies, they had a healthy export market.

This wonderfully preserved original machine – its transfer at the top of the steering head declares it to be a ‘Model Royal’ – uses various parts bought in from Components Ltd. With the Biflex front forks & rear stays, plus the Ariel chainwheel, it looks very similar to the Ariel ‘Special Roadster’.