1933 Raleigh X Frame ‘Police Model’

The Modele Superbe X Frame had been the star of Raleigh catalogues for 30 years, but was demoted from its prime position after 1932. As a result of the Great Depression, cycle companies now needed to focus on cheaply-produced machines. So the X Frame was no longer promoted in Britain and did not appear in the 1934 or 1935 catalogues. In 1936 it was described as the ‘Service Model 3’. With 3-speed gear, detachable gear case and dynamo lighting the ‘Service X’ became the ‘Model 3X’. With assembly at Raleigh’s new Dublin factory in 1936, it was also advertised as the ‘Irish X Frame.’

However, in 1933, for one year only, the X frame was advertised as the ‘Police Model’. Perhaps the company worried about removing it completely from their sales range, or maybe they used the same catalogue in Ireland, where it was advertised as ‘specially designed for Police Duty.’

The ‘Police Model’ featured here, with original paint and transfers (decals) intact, is the first I’ve seen.

Click on this link to view on the Online Bicycle Museum https://onlinebicyclemuseum.co.uk/1933-raleigh-x-frame-police-model/