1936/1937 Rudge-Whitworth Roadster Model No 77

1936/1937 Rudge-Whitworth Roadster Model No 77

Sturmey-Archer ‘Model K6’ Three Speed Gear

Rudge-Whitworth Patent Celluloid Handlebar and pedal cranks

Rudge-Whitworth Patent ‘All-Rubber’ Pedals

Rudge-Whitworth Patent Proportional Coupled Brake System

Phillips Saddle with patterned top

24” Frame. 28″ Wheels


King George V died on 20 January, 1936. This bicycle has a Sturmey-Archer ‘K6’ hub, which came out the same year, so presumably the bicycle was made in 1936. I assume it was too late for the company to replace the transfer (decal). The King had been an avid fan of Rudge-Whitworth bicycles, hence the inscription above. As a result of his death, preparations were made for the coronation of his eldest son King Edward VII the following year.

The accessory clip-on rear mudguard white tip fitted to this bicycle (below) celebrated the coronation of King Edward VIII. However, King Edward abdicated and his younger brother George VI was crowned in his place, in May, 1937. As a result, the accessory white tip showing Edward’s name became redundant, which I assume is the reason why it has survived. It is now a rare and interesting vintage cycle collectible.

This 1937 Rudge-Whitworth Roadster is resplendent in its original black enamel with bronze lines, and all its transfers (decals) well-preserved, including the famous logo ‘By Appointment to His Majesty King George V.’ As well as cosmetic excellence, this beautiful 85-year-old bicycle is mechanically sound and ready to ride. It was purchased by a vintage bicycle collector in China.