1969 Ground Hugger Low Rider Recumbent

1969 GROUND HUGGER Lowrider Recumbent

20″ Wheels

The Ground Hugger has historic importance in the world of recumbent bicycles:

‘This unique human powered vehicle was developed and patented in the mid 1960s, and first introduced as “Ground Hugger” in a special plans offering by Popular Mechanics magazine in April 1969. Ground Hugger’s sleek lines and elegant mechanical design captured the interest of bicycle manufacturers worldwide.

But the benefits of the recumbent were not widely understood at that time, and it would be another 10 years before recumbents reached even low-volume production. Due to today’s popularity of recumbents, the original Ground Hugger plans have been updated and republished.’

The designer and builder of the Ground Hugger, Robert Q. Riley, passed away recently, on 15 May, 2021. I sold this example a month later.