DUNLOP: The Oldest Pneumatic Tyre Bicycle

“Robert William Edlin… built the first bicycle for J. B. Dunlop in 1888. The pneumatic tyre industry started in Edlin’s small cycle business in Belfast, where Edlin, Finlay Sinclair and John B. Dunlop made the first pneumatic tyred bicycle, c. October 1888. This was followed by racing machines in 1889. By November 1889, Dunlop, Edlin and Sinclair had manufactured 20 bicycles, 6 tricycles, and fitted the new tyres to 24 machines bought in from Rudge…”

– from 1992 booklet entitled ‘Grandfather Edlin and the Pneumatic Tyre’ by Robert Wilfred Edlin’. This ‘Oldest Pneumatic Tyre Bicycle’ is on display at Coventry Transport Museum.

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