Early leather tool bags and accessories

This is an intro to the Facebook group for early vintage leather tool bags and accessories.

Despite collecting them for many years, I have no expertise in this field, so please share your own items, catalogue illustrations & advertisements (dated where possible), pictures from facebook & the internet (including a link or info to show the original source), and we can all learn more about this interesting part of our vintage hobby.

There are lots of repro style bags on the market. Though this is primarily a study group, I have no objection to some ‘for sale’ posts for either original or repro (which must be clearly stated ‘Reproduction’).

But only the best quality repro leather items with original style stamping will be allowed. Price & location to be shown.

I’ve started us off by photographing a handful from my collection (not for sale). I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Enjoy 🙂

Click here to go to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/leathertoolbagsvintagebicycle/