Royal Enfield and Eadie Bicycles

Though primarily a bicycle group, many enthusiasts have learned about the company’s bicycles as a result of owning Royal Enfield motor cycles, particularly in India where the Bullet 350cc and 500cc is still manufactured.

I rode a Royal Enfield Bullet many times myself when I travelled around India in the 1990s. So I’ve included Royal Enfield motorcycle postings that relate to bicycles, and I hope motorcycle enthusiasts will join the group too, to recognise and celebrate the history of this famous British manufacturer.

HISTORY: In the early 1890s, Albert Eadie and R.W Smith formed The Eadie Mfg Co as a result of buying the business and premises of George Townsend & Co, in Hunt End, Redditch.

1893: the Enfield Mfg Co Ltd was registered to market the Enfield bicycle, manufactured by the Eadie Company. Eadie became a prominent manufacture of cycle components.

1896: The New Enfield Cycle Co Ltd was formed to take over the bicycle section of both the Enfield Mfg Co and the Eadie Mfg Co.

1897: Enfield Cycle Co Ltd was formed.

1897: Eadie Mfg Co moved to new premises in Lodge Rd, Redditch. Enfield Co Ltd remained at the Hunt End works.

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