The Bloomer Club

In Victorian and Edwardian times, women were ostracised for riding bicycles, criticised for designing more suitable riding costumes and lampooned by a male-dominated press. Before cars and motorcycles took over in the the early 1900s, cycle racing was the world’s biggest sport. But female racing champions were written out of history. Ordinary women who rode …

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Kinky Hovis

Which is more outrageous? A kinky sex festival in Tunbridge Wells? Or replacing the iconic Hovis advert’s low-gravity carrier with an electric bike?

1895 Ladies Telegram

(Telegram Cycle Mfg Co). 21″ Frame. 28″ Wheels. For sale £1600/ US $1950 + worldwide shipping. This 127-year-old bicycle is a remarkable survivor, with beautiful original unrestored paintwork. The Telegram frame bag fell apart and needs gluing and reassembling. And the rear wheel is warped and cracked. So it’s more of a display piece than …

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Anyone for Tennis?

1936 SWIFT ROYAL TOURIST LADY’S MODEL with Original Paint. This Swift of Birmingham ladies’ bicycle is fully accessorised and in first class condition. The transfers (decals) appear to be original, as does the paintwork. It’s fitted with a period tennis racket and holder, and there are some tennis balls in the saddlebag. You can visit …

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1944 Royal Model LUXE

I purchased this WW2 bicycle in 2007 for the princley sum of £10. It has been in storage since. There’s a nice head transfer (decal) and it may be the sole survivor of this obscure brand. But you can see the reason I bought and held on to what is otherwise an unassuming machine – …

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Bicycle Detectives do you know the Killer?

The Killer family were well established in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. But which of them owned the cycle shop with a Raleigh agency at 20 North End? As you can see, their name is on the shop transfer (decal) on my 1904 Raleigh X Frame Scorcher.…/