WW2 BSA Airborne paratrooper bicycle TV

In July 2011, a TV production company in Los Angeles enquired about one of my WW2 BSA Airborne paratrooper bicycles, which they wanted to feature on a new TV show they were making called ‘Combat Cash’. After some discussion, they suggested that instead of buying it they’d fly me to LA with the bike for two days filming.

My negotiation was that they also paid for flights for my wife and daughter, and that I would have the day off on 31 august, my daughter’s 4th birthday, so we could take her to Disneyland on that day. As a result, at short notice, we had a great 2 week summer holiday in LA, and Delphy had her birthday at Disneyland!

The show gave the impression that my bike was the one being parachuted out of the plane, though actually a modern folding bike was used. The only downside was that their costume dept decided I had to wear a stupid ‘English’ cardigan when I wheeled my bike into their tv ‘shop’ and asked to sell it 🙂