1894 Yost Mfg Co Falcon ‘No 1’

19” Frame. 28” Wheels. Cushion tyres

Yost patent folding handlebar

Duplex down tube

Joseph L Yost was a major player in the American cycle industry in the late 1880s and early 1890s. His various companies included Springfield Bicycle Mfg Co, where he built a geared high wheeler. His next company was Lozier & Yost. After splitting from Lozier, he founded Yost Mfg Co to build and sell his own bicycles. He held a patent for a folding handlebar, which was offered as an option on his 1893 and 1894 Falcons. You can see it on this Falcon No 1, the company’s top of the range model with duplex down tube.
I’ve known this bicycle for around fifteen years, as it was then owned by a good friend Ricky Howard. He often sold bicycles to me and we had agreed my purchase of this one too, but he had a heart attack while riding his vintage motorcycle around the Isle of Man during the TT Week, and his family did not want to sell his collection after his passing. Eventually, in 2022, a mutual friend arranged for me to buy it. The Falcon now resides with a collector in California.