The Bloomer Club

In Victorian and Edwardian times, women were ostracised for riding bicycles, criticised for designing more suitable riding costumes and lampooned by a male-dominated press. Before cars and motorcycles took over in the the early 1900s, cycle racing was the world’s biggest sport. But female racing champions were written out of history.

Ordinary women who rode bicycles were revolutionaries of their time. They went to classes to learn cycle maintenance so they could mend punctures on the road without having to ask for help. They joined cycling clubs to meet like-minded souls and developed social circles previously denied them. This independence inspired the movement for equal voting rights. It took much longer than it should have done, but, eventually, their revolution was successful.

At the Online Bicycle Museum you can see hundreds of original bicycles that have been preserved from that time. But now you can also browse 100 photographs and postcards from the same era showing women proudly posing with their bicycles, as well as commercially produced cards making fun of them. Of course, as always, it’s free. I hope you enjoy stepping into a time gone by that shaped the world we live in now…

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